Sutherland Shire Violin Lessons

We’ll get you off to a great start on the Violin!

If you’re looking for the best Sutherland Shire Violin lessons, look no further! Learn2Play Music offers students the Shire’s best Violin Teachers, studious but fun one-on-one lessons and expert advice on instrument selection. We have students of all ages, but all agree that they’re enjoying their musical journey under the guidance of our expert teachers.

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We’ll help you every step of the way

The Violin is a deeply rewarding instrument to play, is central and in demand in just about every classical genre, popular in country and folk music and regularly finds a place in contemporary and rock music. No matter where you want to take your Violin playing, the Learn2Play Music team will be there to help you achieve your dreams. We offer students the choice of sitting for exams or participating in our exciting concert performances which are held twice a year.

Get off to the right start

Once you have chosen your instrument, Learn2Play Music offers you a variety of Violin teaching methods, including the ever popular Suzuki method for young children. Which ever method you find suits your talent and temperament best, we will work closely with you in our one-on-one classes to improve your strong points and improve your skills wherever they need building. Because we help you to get all the fundamentals in place early in your career you will have a solid base to achieve your very best across what will be many rewarding years.

We have your ideal lesson package

We can match you with a teacher and a unique Sutherland Shire Violin lessons package which will be ideal for you. Check out our learning packages »

Sutherland Shire Violin Lessons