Kindy Beat

Sutherland Shire Children’s Music Lessons

Kindy Beat is FUN!

Learn2Play Music offer fantastic Sutherland Shire children’s music lessons! Our Kindy Beat program is designed to ignite a love of music, develop a range of cognitive and motor skills and lay down the foundations for future learning in music. Ideal for 3, 4 and 5 year olds, we work with children in small groups and focus on building  a sense of Fun and play into the learning process.

We assist children to learn the key elements which comprise music: PITCH (high & low notes), VOLUME (loud & soft), TEMPO (fast & slow) and RHYTHM. Our young students also get to look at and play with a range of instruments.

Give your child a great start in life!

Our Sutherland Shire children’s music classes are Fun for your children whilst giving them a great head start when the time comes for them to learn an instrument. Researchers have demonstrated that learning to play an instrument when young improves cognition in all areas of learning and is considerably more important in terms of learning and brain function than training on computers. For example, studying music has been proven to raise verbal and non-verbal IQ scores; improve vocabulary, spelling & reasoning ability; improve skills in mathematics and; greatly assist with the ability to learn other languages [ref: Hille, et al].

  • Our prices are highly competitive and children can join at any time. We have generous discounts for multiple children. Bookings are essential – Call today!

Sutherland Shire children's music lessons