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Piano and Keyboard Lessons

Piano and keyboard lessons for kids and adults in Caringbah, Sutherland Shire

Our teachers will bring the right balance of fun and dedication into your Piano classes Sutherland Shire which will make learning fun for all ages and abilities.


Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons for kids and adults in Caringbah, Sutherland Shire

Learning to play the Guitar at a basic level is fun and easy, while mastering this popular instrument offers plenty of challenge, requiring a strong desire to achieve matched with dedication to practice and learning.


Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass Guitar lessons for kids and adults in Caringbah, Sutherland Shire

Want to join a band with mates, and they need a Bass player? Then Learn2Play Music is the right Caringbah music school for you, teaching you to play songs, not scales and arpeggios.


Drum Lessons

Best drums lessons in Caringbah, Sutherland Shire

Get into the excitement of drumming! Learn2Play Music have the very best drums lessons in Sutherland Shire. We offer a great learning environment, awesome Drum teachers and structured programs as well as rock and jazz band programs for you to join in on when you’re ready.


Violin Lessons (Limited Vacanies)

We’ll get you off to a great start on the Violin!

Learn2Play Music offers students the Shire’s best Violin Lessons, studious but fun one-on-one classes and expert advice on instrument selection.


Rock School

Live the dream!

Our Rock School in the Sutherland shire is our original and unique program where we bring together students of similar ages to join one of our Rock Bands, Work with professional musicians in a Rock band situation. Only available to existing Learn2Play Music students.


Singing Classes

Singing lessons in Caringbah (Sutherland Shire) for kids, teens and adults

Release your inner diva! Learning to sing is a process of strengthening, “polishing” and refining the vocal chords, active listening, controlling the breath and training the mind to find the right notes. We will work with you to find and develop your own singing voice!



Learn2Play Music has the ability to provide you with value for money packages structured to suit your personal needs. Membership designed to give you freedom!



View our available times for each instrument at our online timetable, lock in your spot now with a simple payment.

James Squier

Director, Bass, Guitar, Ukulele Teacher


James is a highly skilled and highly experienced guitarist and bass player who is also one of the owners of Learn 2 Play Music. Having played almost all styles of music for many years and being featured in many different bands in that time, he’s developed a knack for learning new songs, styles and techniques quickly and being able to explain how best to approach music with students and other musicians.

James first picked up a guitar during high school, and quickly started teaching himself all of his favourite rock songs, which ensured a well developed playing technique. Going on to study a Diploma in music was a huge learning curve. Here he developed an extensive understanding of music theory, began learning about music education, as well as gaining experience in almost of styles of music, from jazz, pop, classical, country to rock. It was during this time that he also refined his live performance skills, having shared the stage with many different musicians.

Busking became a test to put all the different elements of what James had learnt together. Looking at it as ‘practicing guitar in public’, he very quickly learnt how to practically use the music theory he’d spent so long studying, and how to draw influences from all the different styles of music he’d played.

James’ experience with the bass guitar began by being asked to play for a band which would later become GYPSY. Having never played the instrument or any of the songs before, he not only set about learning them quickly, but was playing on stage with the band less than a week later!

Now with years of experience on the instrument, and countless shows performed up and down the country, James is just as accomplished on bass as he is guitar.

James joined Learn 2 Play Music as a teacher in 2015, and over the years became more involved with the business until eventually pairing up with his dad Michael to take over the school in 2022.
Over all these years James has run hundreds if not thousands of lessons and worked alongside dozens of other teachers. During all this learning how best to offer great learning experiences to his students, how to draw on his knowledge, and how to make lessons both fun and productive.


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